Hayden Flour Mill (Under Development)

Tempe, AZ


As developers specializing in the adaptive reuse and renovation of historic structures, we are drawn to the strong identity and history of the Hayden Flour Mill. We are excited about the opportunity to work collaboratively with city representatives and other stakeholders to create a world-class project worthy of the Mill’s iconic identity and overall importance to the City of Tempe.

This project is a joint venture with Aparium Hotel Group (collectively, the “Company”), formed to pursue the redevelopment of the Hayden Flour Mill site. The Company has a great deal of experience engaging various stakeholders and working through complicated transaction structures, including various municipal and bureaucratic processes. In fact, our initial round of meetings with various stakeholders inspired our concept for the Hayden Flour Mill. Instead of merely incorporating the existing Mill structures into the design, they are the featured design, celebrating Tempe and its history. We know this development will be a character-defining hallmark for the City of Tempe.

We have assembled a best-in-class team comprised of highly qualified local firms who share our passion and values for the potential of this project. Our vision for the Hayden Flour Mill is to develop an iconic project that celebrates the history of the Mill through a uniquely branded world-class hotel along with an outdoor music venue and multiple fine-dining establishments. We will create and operate a one of a kind hotel and envision creating a music venue that becomes one of those special places in music history, where artists feel inspired playing in a setting defined by nature and celebrated by the ancients. Guests will enjoy an extraordinary entertainment experience in the midst of nature at the base of A Mountain (Hayden Butte Preserve Park) and the mountain’s history as a place of celebration will be restored.

This world renowned project will enhance the reputation of Tempe as the place of choice in the greater Phoenix market and beyond and will be a catalyst for further new business development in the area. We are absolutely enthralled by the opportunity that this Project presents. We’ve invested a great deal of time meeting with various officials at the City level and local merchant groups and constituents to develop our initial plan for the project. We look forward to continuing those meetings and eagerly anticipate taking Tempe’s history one giant step forward.