Mike Vazquez


Mike Vazquez BKA Miguel A Vazquez is a Chicago born native of Puerto Rican heritage that has spent the better of his life as part of the restoration of an Old Chicago, thru out his life has watched the transformation of what was once a charred city, Even thru out his 16 year radio career with one of the largest spanish language broadcasters in the world his interest in vintage buildings was always a first, working on air on the weekends and transforming Chicago one brick at a time during the week. Helped transform old factories in river north where once upon a time his parents worked into what today are timber loft work spaces. Occupied by a very diverse community. On his time Mike has a very large interest in vintage autombiles particularly rotary powered . Specializes in tuning and rebuilding these unique Wankel engines and loves racing them at the dragstrip. As the newest Member of Baum Revision Mikes slogan is Building A New Chicago.

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