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Garver Feed Mill (Under Development)

Madison, Wisconsin


Size: 55,000+ square feet

The Garver Feed Mill in Madison, Wisconsin is a storied landmark replete with history, character, and purpose. Suffering eighteen years of dilapidation and under the threat of demolition, the Madison community reached out to Baum Revision in 2013 to preserve the Mill. Since then, we have assembled a unique team and have been working with various community partners on plans to revive this historic building and deliver a transformative project to the Madison region.

The Baum Revision team plans to reactivate the Mill as a local artisan food production facility. The project will be occupied by “second stage” food producers who have established themselves locally but are looking for room to grow - both spatially and economically. The building’s original features, like tall ceilings and an abundance of dock doors, provide an ideal space for these users. In addition to these details, the building will be outfitted with the modern specifications necessary to be a fully functional food facility. All of these features will be provided to tenants at affordable rent levels that allow them to allocate more capital to their business’ growth rather than their monthly rent payment.

By also featuring event, retail, and meeting uses within the building, Garver will also fill an unmet market need by strengthening the bonds between these second stage businesses and potential end-customers, furthering the infrastructure necessary to support a successful food and beverage value chain in the Madison region.

In addition to renovating the Mill, the proposed plan will also call for the preservation and management of the natural areas and waterways surrounding the building, including the North Plat area of the site. The revitalization of the natural landscape will include the creation and maintenance of railways, a dedicated green outdoor space, educational signage, and public art.

Our project also includes a first-of-its-kind “international showroom” of micro homes located on four acres adjacent to Garver. Micro homes are low impact, sustainable, mobile and affordable homes ranging between 200 and 600 square feet. To be operated as a hospitality operation, this “micro-lodge” concept will be a world-class model that showcases micro house designs and models from around the world that are sustainably designed and operated. Guests will have the opportunity to stay overnight and have an authentic experience of “tiny living”.

Our vision for the Garver Feed Mill will have a significantly positive economic impact on the region, allowing local businesses to grow, creating additional jobs over time as these tenants develop and providing community access to a sustainable and healthy food system.